Our Story

As fitness enthusiast we have always been very passionate about our health and well-being and take daily actions to keep ourselves fit. However, the pandemic put a halt on our daily activities. Homebound, we were looking for ways to boost our immunity and came across this ancient concoction made from tea.


Naturally, as tea lovers we were intrigued. After hours and hours of research we decided to embark on the journey of creating our very own Kombucha. It was not an easy task and required a lot of effort and patience. We dedicated ourselves to the growing and nurturing of our Kombucha. Like devoted parents we were invested in every small step involved in its making and did everything we could to ensure the fermentation process went on without a hitch.


We experimented with different temperatures, measurements, and techniques. We even went to the extent of playing music in the fermentation room! After sipping on all the different versions of our experimental kombucha, we were ecstatic when we finally found the perfect concoction and we believe you will love it just as much as we do.


We are committed to making the Wondrous kombucha available to all and have decided to move our production to a bigger factory with standard production protocols. This way, more people will be able to enjoy our kombucha and reap its benefits.