5 ways to transform your kombucha

5 ways to transform your kombucha

Did you know that your kombucha can do more than just kambooch? Yes, that’s right! The booch has so much to offer you if you are willing to keep an open mind. Even though our Wondrous kombucha is delicious on its own, sometimes we just need to shake it up a little just for the fun of it. Here are 5 ways to spice up your kombucha drink.

Kombucha Margarita

Get a little naughty with your booch! Although kombucha is often only seen through the lens of good health and is categorized as a health drink, you can still spice it up for wild night with friends and family. Here is one way to enjoy a classic Margarita with any one of our kombucha. All you need are flaky salt, tequila, triple sec or contreu, fresh lime juice and kombucha. Check out https://loveleafco.com/kombucha-margaritas/ for the best kombucha Margarita recipe.

Get fruity with a kombucha Smoothy

If you are looking for something healthier for a regular weekday just jazz up your kombucha with some bananas and yogurt. All you got to do is get the blender out, throw in some chopped bananas, as much yogurt as you want, ice and any of the Wondrous kombucha and you’re all set for a hectic day. You can even add other fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and peaches for a mixed fruit taste. However, if you prefer berries over fruits just throw in some strawberries or raspberries into the mixture and voila! You’ve got yourself a berryful kombucha smoothy made to perfection. Now if you really want to up the smoothy game, you can add boosters into your drink like maca powder, protein powder, raw cacao or green powder.

Get spicy with Kombucha chai float

The versatility of kombucha really is endless. Here’s a recipe for a sinful but healthy treat that you can share with your whole family. All you need to make the Chai Latte Float is two scoops of ice cream, ¼ cup of brewed chai tea, ¼ and any one of our kombucha (any particular flavours?)

Your own sports drink

It just gets better and better with kombucha. You can make your very own energy boosting sports drink in your very own kitchen. 

Why make your own when you can simply buy them? 

Well, most of the commercial energy and sports drinks are loaded with chemical and sugar. So, by making your own energy drink you are not only saving money but also choosing a healthier option. It is really easy to make too, all you need is ½ apple juice, 3 ½ cups of any one of our Wondrous kombucha and ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt and you are good to go. Put them all into a jar, give it a gentle shake and store it in the refrigerator. 

KombuChia boba tea

Are you a fan of Boba Teas? Do you enjoy the chewy texture of tapioca or taro root in your drink? If so, here’s a little recipe for a boba tea with a twist. Instead of tapioca and taro root, we use the highly nutritious chia seeds. Chia seeds swell up into a similar texture of tapioca or taro root. They may not be as chewy, but they are filled with goodness and still fun to have in your beverage. All you need to make this fantastic kombuChia boba tea is 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, ¼ cup of warm water and of our original flavoured kombucha. So, all you’ve got do now is get your favourite Wondrous kombucha(wondrous website) and head on over to (spoon health website) to get the best quality chia seeds!